1 year on...it's still all about the flowers

It's 1 year to the day that I got married to Mr Morris. It was hands down the most funniest, loveliest day ever. 

But one of my most favourite things about the wedding were the flowers... the flowers in the garden, the flowers in my hair, the flowers in the bouquets and on the tables. 

We got married at Nymans a National Trust Garden. The venue needed the most minimal amount of preparation - the beauty in the garden was perfect already and we made most of the guests stand!

I would have loved to have grown even a few flowers for my own wedding but I didn't have enough experience, skill, time or space. At the time it was just one challenge too far. So I turned to a professional. I chose a florist that grows a lot of her own flowers in her cutting garden in Chiddingfold - Caroline at Cherfold Cottage Flowers. I found Caroline on the the Natural Wedding Company website and went to visit her at her home to discuss what it was I was hoping for with the wedding flowers. She was a dream, it was easy and I trusted her immediately. I did a little research and asked for flowers that I knew were in season in June in the UK but let Caroline do the rest and it turned out as well as I could have imagined.


Bouquet by Cherfold Cottage Flowers

So when it came to growing my own I did manage something in time for the honeymoon.  I grew a lovely crop of Sweetpeas. They perfumed the campervan and forever linked the scent of sweetpeas with the beautiful memories of the honeymoon.

Just because I wanted the reception venue to be bursting with flowers we also popped along to New Covent Garden Flower Market in Vauxhall to buy british flowers to hang in bottles on the walls. Our family also brought a long pots of lavender which looked lovely on the tables. 



So of course the day itself had to come to an end, but I wasn't willing to give up on the flowers. We started out on our honeymoon in the Cotswolds visiting both Hidcote and Kiftsgate. But one of the most exciting things was bumping into a florist and flower farmer dropping off flowers to the place we were staying in. Of course I struck up a conversation - commenting on the beautiful seasonal flowers. My passion must have been easily visible as we ended up with an invitation to visit Sara Willman's Flower Patch. Its a small world so of course she new about Caroline and her cutting garden in Surrey.

Hidcote - National Trust

Kiftsgate Court Gardens

Flowers by Sara Willman 


Both women inspired me to try harder in my own garden and ever since I have been trying to grow and day dreaming about flowers I could grow in my own garden. I guess the wedding, the honeymoon and the people we met along the way was the beginning of my journey. I grew a love of flowers, nature, keeping it simple and just going ahead and trying it for yourself.

Its British Flowers Week next week New covent garden flower market are running a weeks worth of events.

You can follow chat on british flowers from those in the know through twitter on #britishflowers

Try growing your own you can get great advise and seeds from people like Sarah Raven and Ben Ranyard at his Higgledy Garden.

And you can follow florists Jay Archer and Thomas Bloom on their blogs and instagram feeds for that daily hit of floral loveliness.

So this is a little  vase full of flowers i have managed to grow in my own little garden. Modest I know but gosh I felt proud putting together a bunch of my homegrown to enjoy. 


 My home grown bunch

My home grown bunch


Wedding photography by Simon at www.fazackarley.com, the rest are taken by Mr and Mrs Morris - just in case it wasn't obvious.